Surprises x2

Yesterday evening I discovered that my dad was in Denver at a baseball game so I convinced him to come over for dinner! It was such a nice surprise. He was a great sport too as we were having tofu in peanut sauce with snap peas and cauliflower, a dish I know he would not … More Surprises x2

Garden research

Today my dad and I visited a couple of plant nurseries so I could get more of an idea of what I would like to do with my front yard. My goal is to turn my yard into a xeriscape one, where I don’t have any grass. I’ve been doing some preliminary research online the … More Garden research

I got an umbrella

It’s really cute. The end. I bought some groceries today. I got: cereal, mini muffins, a chocolate bar, some cookies, milk, three kiwis, and three nectarines all for only 7 euros. Beat that US! 😛 Yeah, so I totally have moments where I think, “maybe a year would be good” but when it comes down … More I got an umbrella