Jam & flowers

Yesterday I made homemade jam for the first time. One of my goals this year was to “can some food” and I’d like to think I successfully accomplished it. Making the jam wasn’t difficult at all and it was way faster than I thought it would be (20 minutes on the stove!). I had strawberry … More Jam & flowers


My three day weekend was awesome. It started with celebrating Sidney’s birthday on Friday with some stir fry and watching the new Jumanji movie at home. The mail also delivered two D&D enamel pins I had ordered with Elisabeth months ago and I am happy to say they look just as amazing as the mock-up … More Weekendness

Happy Friday

It’s Friday and I’m having a great day! First, I got approval to go to a Dungeons and Dragons high school club next Wednesday. I am so uber excited. I was watching this high school’s back to school video and when they mentioned they had a D&D club I almost burst out of my seams. … More Happy Friday

Only one week left

Classes have ended. Now we have finals and then bam, the end of the quarter. I only have a Spanish group paper and an International Health exam and I will be done so my week’s schedule is pretty open. Last week was kept busy with Dungeons and Dragons, GEEC club, percussion concert, group presentation, and … More Only one week left

If you could see me now you’d see that I’m giving you the STINK EYE!

My Dungeons and Dragons party completed our second campaign. We finished last week and boy was it sweet. I had thought we would all die but we never even got close.  😀 All during the week our group discussed tactics we could use to defeat the final boss. The moment of truth came and there … More If you could see me now you’d see that I’m giving you the STINK EYE!