Hanging pot rack

After a couple of hours and a trip to Lowe’s, we have successfully installed a hanging pot rack! And by “we”, I mostly mean Gene. He was a trooper, going up and down the ladder, marking and remarking, drilling and raising. I’m sure his neck is sore from looking up for so long but we … More Hanging pot rack

We have a catio!

While deciding what to do yesterday, we discussed the idea of setting up a catio, something I’ve been wanting to do for Pippin since we got the house (a cat door has been sitting in our closet for some time). Lydia was all for it so after many minutes of figuring out what we were … More We have a catio!

It’s pallet time

I’ve been wanting a new coffee table for about 7 months now, basically since we got our new couch. The couch is longer than our previous one and with three people in the house now (and soon to be four) our two ottomans make it hard for all three of us to stretch out our … More It’s pallet time

Homemade tote bag

Yesterday I took a sewing class and learned how to sew a tote bag. I had taken the plunge and signed up for it a couple weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to get into sewing and eventually learn to make my own clothes so I figured with my pay raise a couple months ago, now … More Homemade tote bag