D&D session

We played Dungeons and Dragons yesterday and it was so much fun. I laughed so hard a couple of times, it was so enjoyable. Pippin tried to join in again, but inevitably he causes problems so Sidney had to eject him from the table. Next week Sidney has a one-off Halloween-themed D&D session planned for … More D&D session

Happy Friday

It’s Friday and I’m having a great day! First, I got approval to go to a Dungeons and Dragons high school club next Wednesday. I am so uber excited. I was watching this high school’s back to school video and when they mentioned they had a D&D club I almost burst out of my seams. … More Happy Friday

D&D and board games

Saturday evening we played Dungeons and Dragons in person. It was great fun, I really like getting into character. Gnomes are such fun creatures to play. I think I’m going to have to start recording our sessions so I can listen afterward and type up summaries. I thought I could continue to write as we go but … More D&D and board games

PAX 2016

PAX was a variety of emotions and experiences. We landed in Seattle Thursday night where Lydia picked us up, we met up with Elisabeth, and we ate delicious vegetarian food for dinner. Then Friday dawned and PAX began. The best parts of Friday were the three panels we went to: Scott Kurtz playing Table Titans … More PAX 2016

D&D Level Up!

Last night I stayed up until 2:30am playing Dungeons and Dragons. I’m super proud of myself for staying up that late, but hey, D&D is worth it. And last night, we LEVELED UP!!!! (Yes, I need that many exclamation points.) We are now level 11, which is amazing in itself but is even more awesome because … More D&D Level Up!