11-15-21 Updates

I crossed another item off my #30 before 40 list! Yesterday, Shari and I met up with our friend, Mel, to take an aqua fitness class at Mel’s gym. Shout out to Mel for offering to go with me. And to Shari for going too. Having them with me made me feel less nervous, and … More 11-15-21 Updates

8-8-21 Friend Time

It’s been two weeks since Pippin’s last emergency trip to the animal hospital so that’s a comforting thought. I still worry about him. He’s still more lethargic than he used to be and he’s not eating as much, but the fact that he hasn’t had to go to the hospital in two weeks is encouraging. … More 8-8-21 Friend Time

10-20-20 Walks

I wandered a pretty neighborhood yesterday with my friend, Meseret, since she’s sticking around Denver for a while. We walked in the cool evening as the sun set and lit up the clouds in a most spectacular way. I imagine that a good part of yesterday’s beautiful sunset was due to the persistent fires across … More 10-20-20 Walks