My day 9-3-19

This morning I had an in person interview and I am very proud of how it went. Regardless of what happens, I think I did a great job and that it went well and I want to give myself a shout out for doing it and getting through it with confidence. I should hear back … More My day 9-3-19

My weekend

Yesterday was a whirlwind of fun. EG was waiting on the porch for me as I arrived and I could see her jumping up and down and shouting something. I didn’t quite understand what she was saying but I could see the enthusiasm on her face. It was the happiest, most excited greeting I have … More My weekend

My day 8-28-19

Today was definitely a happier day than yesterday. I slept a little better and I exercised, both of which help boost the mood. But, I also got to see three of my favorite people: Kaitlin, EG, and Ollie! How can that face below NOT make me happy? The past two times I’ve gone over I’ve … More My day 8-28-19

My week

Another week gone by. On Wednesday, I checked out my community garden and finally stopped at Country Fair Garden Center to see what they offered. I kept telling myself I’d go to that garden store for probably a year now so I figured this week would be a good week to go. It was full … More My week

My day 7-8-19

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time at Kaitlin’s. Had to get my Kaitlin, EG, and Ollie fix in before I went on vacation for a week! The three of them were waiting for me on the porch when I pulled up. I didn’t see them at first so when I looked at the … More My day 7-8-19