5-4-20 Day 52

I enjoyed my tofu bahn mi yesterday evening. I mention it because I could only find firm tofu at the store the other day and we’ve only ever made this dish with extra firm tofu before, so I was a little hesitant. Turns out that the firm tofu, while harder to cook, was really good, … More 5-4-20 Day 52

5-2-20 Day 50

The past few evenings have been filled with friends and relaxation. I video chatted with my family Wednesday night and it did wonders on my mental health. Yay! I showed off my paintings and we played an online game that Kevin had found. I can’t remember the name of it but know that it’s similar … More 5-2-20 Day 50


On Thursday I went to Kaitlin’s for dinner where Emmie gifted me with a colorful necklace AND a butterfly picture. She tried to give me a picture of Jessie too but I convinced her that we could keep it at her house. What love this little one has. We took some selfies together of us … More 2-29-20


On Saturday I went to the thrift store with Elisabeth at 8am (yeah) to look for my very own tea cup. Elisabeth is having a tea party in a couple of weeks in honor of her birthday and I wanted my very own tea cup to celebrate. We found this tiny little thing that’s perfect … More 2-26-20


Yesterday Elisabeth and I went to Kaitlin’s for dinner and it was absolutely wonderful. My family fills me with such a feeling of love, it’s great. Emmie had to go to the doctor and so she brought back medical masks, one for herself, one for me, and one for Elisabeth. She asked us to put … More 2-21-20


My platelets are still normal! It’s been a month since my last infusion and my platelets appear to be holding steady, I’m thrilled. I will have to continue getting my blood tested but the time in between tests will increase, so I go back in three weeks and six weeks and go from there. My … More 2-15-20

Emmie’s ballet recital

It’s basically impossible to describe how adorable and wonderful Emmie is. I’ve been told she’s a lot like me and I tend to agree. She loves being outside, likes reading, sometimes she needs alone time and can easily play by herself, is intelligent, learns quickly, and is very capable. I’d like to think that describes … More Emmie’s ballet recital