Food and fun

Inspired by EG’s dinner from last Sunday, the housemates and I made chicken nuggets and waffles for our dinner yesterday. What are Friday nights for, right? It was quite tasty, especially since the chicken nuggets were shaped like dinosaurs. Dinosaur chicken nuggets make everything taste better, did you know that they spark childhood joy in … More Food and fun

Journey, a game

Yellow sand that sparkles with the huge sun, flying pieces of red fabric that come together to form giant sea creatures that fly in the sky, uncovered ruins of a forgotten civilization. This is the world of Journey, a game that I finished playing a few days ago. Play as a person dressed in a … More Journey, a game

New Wildstar character

Today I made a new character in Wildstar that I’m going to play with Gene. Meet Anastasia Kaskov and her brother Salinth Kaskov (Gene’s characters). Aren’t they cool?! Also, this is how Pippin waits for his dinner almost every night.He’s like a little human…well, almost.