My day 7-3-19

Today has been an extremely busy day for me. After breakfast I biked to the community garden to water and weed. The tomato and pepper plants are doing really well from what I can tell. They’re growing bigger and the leaves are looking good. My chives and cucumber have still not come up, can I … More My day 7-3-19

My day 6-24-19

Gene and I are driving to Moab tomorrow for a quick getaway. We’ll do some hiking, a river raft excursion, and just relax, it should be lovely. But since I’ll be gone for a few days, that meant today was the day I made sure my plants were all in order. I planted the Siberian … More My day 6-24-19

My day 6-11-19

Today I went to Front Range Community College to meet with an adviser about the horticulture program, get my student ID, and find my classrooms. I was successful in doing all of those things, in fact all of my questions were answered plus some, so that made me happy. But what really intrigued me was … More My day 6-11-19

Food and gardening

Food and gardening filled my day yesterday. But what’s new there? I went to lunch with some of my comic book ladies, Elisabeth included. It was Free Comic Book Day so we had to get together to show off new comics. I didn’t get any comics for myself this year because I still haven’t finished … More Food and gardening