Food and fun

Inspired by EG’s dinner from last Sunday, the housemates and I made chicken nuggets and waffles for our dinner yesterday. What are Friday nights for, right? It was quite tasty, especially since the chicken nuggets were shaped like dinosaurs. Dinosaur chicken nuggets make everything taste better, did you know that they spark childhood joy in … More Food and fun

Happy days

Yesterday was admin appreciation day, so how did I appreciate myself? I left work early as a treat and sat outside in my backyard and read. (And pulled some weeds, but I enjoyed that too.) It was absolutely lovely and peaceful and relaxing and I must do it more often. My team was very supportive … More Happy days

Pizza Day!

For over 5 hours on Thursday, Gene and I wandered Denver eating slices of pizza. It was awesome. We only hit 5 places, out of the 15 places we had marked. Granted, we knew we wouldn’t get to all 15 but I had thought we’d hit more than five. Alas, it was not to be … More Pizza Day!

Date Day with Gene

Yesterday Gene and I spent time together and I loved it. We got up in the morning and headed to Tokyo Premium Bakery. I had to bring him after last weekend’s joy. This time we got there early enough to snag a sausage roll, a pain au chocolate, and a raspberry croissant (on top of … More Date Day with Gene