I dressed up as Squirrel Girl! I am so incredibly thrilled and proud. There have been many people I have wanted to dress up as but I usually become overwhelmed with the idea of finding all the pieces to create the outfit or I feel like I don’t have the money or I couldn’t do … More 11-2-20

My day 10/30

Today I got a great email – the Communications department at work is going to feature my coworkers, myself, and our rats in Thursday’s newsletter! They loved our submission last week nominating our rats for employee of the month. So as soon as I saw that email, which asked for another picture, my nearby coworkers … More My day 10/30

Glow at the Gardens

Yesterday, Sidney, Elisabeth, and I went to the Botanic Gardens at night to experience their Glow in the Gardens spectacular for the first time. Hundreds of pumpkins and lanterns lined the walkways, walls, and open spaces of the garden. There was a variety of large pumpkin sculptures, including an owl and a dragon that spurted … More Glow at the Gardens

Halloween rats

The Halloween rats at my work continue to grow. They sit behind me on a cabinet and bring joy to those who pass by. A coworker had the idea to dress them up for Halloween and now we have rats dressed as a witch, mummy, princess, pumpkin, and spider. The spider is a new addition … More Halloween rats

My weekend

This weekend was so nice. I got a few tasks done (overdue oil change, anyone?) while also being able to hang out with our friends, Josh and Brittany, to carve and paint pumpkins. This year I decided to carve a dinosaur. I’ve finally learned that a template is the way for me to go, no … More My weekend


Halloween has been so fun so far. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and almost my entire department got into Halloween and dressed up as well. We seemed to be the only ones in our building, minus a few others, that dressed up, which is sad considering we work in education and “Fun” is one … More Halloween