Guys. Guys! Guess what? My platelets are still normal! /happy dance. I went in this morning wearing the beautiful floral mask Kaitlin made me (it’s my favorite) and ten minutes later I was literally dancing in the parking lot because my platelets are still normal. I’m dancing in my chair right now as I write … More 6-5-20


My platelets are still normal! It’s been a month since my last infusion and my platelets appear to be holding steady, I’m thrilled. I will have to continue getting my blood tested but the time in between tests will increase, so I go back in three weeks and six weeks and go from there. My … More 2-15-20


Today was my last infusion for my low platelets! /happy dance. I am so proud of myself and grateful to my family who sat with me at every session. One month has come and gone, wow. I felt so nervous about getting an IV, and now I’ve had it done four times and it’s no … More 1-17-20


New year, new decade. What adventures await me? Well, let’s go find out! Happy 2020 to all! I’m so looking forward to this year and all the joyful moments I will experience in it. New Year’s Eve I had a few friends over and we rung in the new year at midnight. We played two … More 2020


Yesterday was also a pretty decent day. It started with me going to Tokyo Premium Bakery to meet up with my friend Robyn. Elisabeth came too so she could grab some pastries, ’cause they’re delicious, and so she could visit the children’s book shop across the street. I hadn’t seen Robyn in more than a … More 12-16-19


OMG, I can’t believe I forgot to mention yesterday that I parallel parked perfectly not once, but TWICE on Saturday. Hell yes. I have to parallel park fairly often when in downtown Denver and I can do it, but it usually takes me a few turns, you know. But on Saturday I did it twice … More 10-28-19