Lydia’s visit

Lydia jetted off to her next adventure yesterday morning, leaving behind an upgrade to the catio and a Shindig mural on the wall. Gene and I both like the mural, because our friends and family created it for us, but we could not figure out the best way to hang it up so it sat … More Lydia’s visit


For a while now Gene has wanted to put up a hammock. But for one reason or another, mostly laziness and forgetfulness I suppose, we haven’t done it. We didn’t even have to buy a hammock, he had one from his college days that just sat  in the basement for all these years. I decided … More Hammock!

Hanging pot rack

After a couple of hours and a trip to Lowe’s, we have successfully installed a hanging pot rack! And by “we”, I mostly mean Gene. He was a trooper, going up and down the ladder, marking and remarking, drilling and raising. I’m sure his neck is sore from looking up for so long but we … More Hanging pot rack

Hanging pictures

Gene and I finally hung two of our pictures that had been sitting on top of the dresser for months. Now we get to see the awesome Mario cross stitch from Martha and the mountain piece I created. They look real neat now that we can actually see them. Also makes the room instantly look … More Hanging pictures

New colors

The house is getting painted! The painters should be finished tomorrow but I was so excited about it I had to take a picture this evening. I love it already, it looks better than our previous color. Look at that door, it’s gorgeous.