Welp, it’s been two days since I planted everything and not surprisingly, I’m still loving all my green plant babies! I wake up and look over at the pothos on my bedside table and I smile. I’m so excited for the day when it starts to trail and I can have it climbing on the … More 5-19-20


Today has been a plant heavy day. Before breakfast I transplanted some of my house plants that needed larger homes and gave my new calathea (that I got from the Botanic Gardens) a hand me down pot of its own. The calathea is doing quite well and is opening up its leaves to show off … More 5-17-20

5-7-20 Day 55

What happened today? I always try to celebrate the little moments, especially now, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with stuff. Not today though I don’t think. Today I felt cute in my jean dress, cat tights, and converse. Cat tights for the win. I’m still working on wearing clothes that I feel good … More 5-7-20 Day 55

5-6-20 Day 54

Well, I tried making vegan blondies last night, inspired by The Melting Pot fondue Elisabeth and I are getting this Friday (they have vegan chocolate and vegan cheese options!). I say “tried” because they aren’t very good. As I told Elisabeth last night, “Vegan baking will NOT get the best of me!” I don’t quite … More 5-6-20 Day 54


This morning, after finishing a volume of the Squirrel Girl comic (read it!), I went to O Toole’s Garden Center for their house plant class. It was free and turns out is only 20 minutes away from the apartment so I decided I needed to go. I like that Littleton is only 20 or so … More 11-9-19


Yesterday evening Brittany and I met up with Elisabeth in between her two concerts and we all had dinner together at Sputnik. I had been there once before so I was happy to try it out again. The food is decent but I think their music is too loud and the place is too dark. … More 10-27-19