Rats & cats

When I left for work yesterday, these were hanging out: My coworker had got these rats for our Halloween decorations and everyone fell in love with them that they’ve become a year-round decoration. We used them at Christmas and now we’re using them for Valentine’s Day (a bit early, but everyone wanted them up). It … More Rats & cats

Tuesday workday

Today I came in to the office to be greeted by a giant zucchini and some zucchini bread. I thought that was a nice way to start my day. Although I didn’t take the giant zucchini home I did have fun taking a picture of it and just generally ogling the size of it. The … More Tuesday workday

Guess what I have?

Business cards! I have my very own business cards. I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever actually need them, or need 250 of them, but it’s still cool that I have some. I feel a bit more official now. Does this mean I need a business card holder? Eh, I think I’ll wait off on … More Guess what I have?