Sunday was a pretty great day for me. I made some cookie dough, took care of my plants, and then went to H Mart to grab ingredients for two new dishes Elisabeth and I are going to try over the next few days. My trip to H Mart was way less stressful than it was … More 6-23-20


I surprised Kaitlin at her home on Thursday. She does so much and is so thoughtful and loving to others that I wanted to do something nice for her. I also wanted to see her because I love her so it wasn’t 100% selfless but I’ll take what I can get. Showing people that I … More 5-16-20


No more counting days. I saw my family yesterday, breaking my isolation, so I think that means I can stop counting. Is covid over? Definitely not. I won’t be doing pre-covid things, I won’t be seeing all the people I used to see, but I will start to see my family more and a friend … More 5-10-20

4-12-20 Day 30

This weekend’s homemade breakfast was scones. We haven’t been able to find self rising flour this past month so I made my own, which, for the most part, was successful. The scones rose quite beautifully but they weren’t as sweet as I wanted them. I don’t know if that was caused by my flour mixture … More 4-12-20 Day 30