My cousin, Amanda, and her family have moved to Colorado! They got in this past week and yesterday we met up at the park for breakfast. Kaitlin and Kevin even came over with Emmy and Ollie. I was thrilled. I enjoyed myself quite a bit and didn’t go back home until the afternoon. We sat … More 7-26-20


Sunday was a pretty great day for me. I made some cookie dough, took care of my plants, and then went to H Mart to grab ingredients for two new dishes Elisabeth and I are going to try over the next few days. My trip to H Mart was way less stressful than it was … More 6-23-20

6-7-20 Weekend Fun

What a grand weekend I have experienced. Yesterday morning, Kayla and I spent a couple of hours together sitting outside, sipping drinks, and enjoying the cooler temperature. So I got a leaf stuck in my hair at one point, no big deal, I am a nature goddess, yes? It comes with the territory. 😉 I … More 6-7-20 Weekend Fun


My Sunday was quite lovely as it included brunch at Kayla’s and sugar cookies at Brittany’s. Elisabeth and I got to visit Kayla’s home again and eat her delicious oatmeal breakfast bake. It is so nice to have other people cook for you! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking and baking, truly, but it’s … More 12-23-19