Welp, it’s been two days since I planted everything and not surprisingly, I’m still loving all my green plant babies! I wake up and look over at the pothos on my bedside table and I smile. I’m so excited for the day when it starts to trail and I can have it climbing on the … More 5-19-20

4-12-20 Day 30

This weekend’s homemade breakfast was scones. We haven’t been able to find self rising flour this past month so I made my own, which, for the most part, was successful. The scones rose quite beautifully but they weren’t as sweet as I wanted them. I don’t know if that was caused by my flour mixture … More 4-12-20 Day 30


On Saturday I went to the thrift store with Elisabeth at 8am (yeah) to look for my very own tea cup. Elisabeth is having a tea party in a couple of weeks in honor of her birthday and I wanted my very own tea cup to celebrate. We found this tiny little thing that’s perfect … More 2-26-20


Yesterday Elisabeth and I went to Kaitlin’s for dinner and it was absolutely wonderful. My family fills me with such a feeling of love, it’s great. Emmie had to go to the doctor and so she brought back medical masks, one for herself, one for me, and one for Elisabeth. She asked us to put … More 2-21-20

Visiting Kaitlin!

Yesterday was a great day because I got to see Kaitlin, Kevin, and EG! I also went ring shopping and Gene bought our wedding rings!! They are currently getting sized for us so we will pick them up at a later date and we’ll exchange them in June during our wedding. We hung out at … More Visiting Kaitlin!