New toy for Pippin

This past weekend, after going out to watch a soccer game for my school/work (we won!), I came home to find that our neighbor left a toy for Pippin! The guy across the hall is going to move and according to Gene, the place he is moving doesn’t allow cats. So our neighbor is getting … More New toy for Pippin

Day 329. Family birthday celebrations and Pippin

Yesterday my family and I celebrated my brother-in-law’s and my dad’s birthdays. Although it was a bummer the weather couldn’t be lovely, we didn’t let that ruin our fun. We had some delicious fajitas, fruit, and brownies and for lunch and visited for a portion of the afternoon. I even brought Pippin! So glad my … More Day 329. Family birthday celebrations and Pippin

Day 315. Day off

Because of the service the U.S. military has given, I had today off. I lounged around for most of the day, doing who knows what, but I was productive for parts of it. I took Pippin outside (not the balcony) for the first time. We just went to the side of the building where there … More Day 315. Day off