Life continues to go quickly and be packed with events. I’m learning I need more downtime to myself than I used to. Is this what getting older is like? Haha. I went to a trivia night with some of my meetup friends where Shari’s group got 3rd place and my group got 4th. It was … More 9-12-22

6-23-22 Updates

Ya’ll, the past two weeks of my life have been busy! I’ve either had something going on each night or I’ve been way too tired from previous nights to write up a post. Some highlights of the past couple weeks: I had Elisabeth over for dinner, and it was incredibly lovely. Spending one on one … More 6-23-22 Updates


My days are flying by and I feel like I have almost no time to write my blog anymore. It’s really great in one sense, because it means I’m living life so much that I don’t have time to document it. But I also want to document it so I may look back and see … More 2-19-20

Apartment living

Elisabeth’s and my apartment is really coming together and I am loving it. Having a clean, beautiful space to come home to and chill in really helps and lifts my mood. The teal couch was a fantastic choice too, fyi. The both of us have done a really exceptional job of keeping our home clean … More Apartment living