Happy days

Yesterday was admin appreciation day, so how did I appreciate myself? I left work early as a treat and sat outside in my backyard and read. (And pulled some weeds, but I enjoyed that too.) It was absolutely lovely and peaceful and relaxing and I must do it more often. My team was very supportive … More Happy days

Denver Milk Market

Josh and Brittany went to Denver Milk Market with me and Elisabeth yesterday since we all had the day off. Elisabeth and I had been there for one of our comic meetups recently but we hadn’t been able to grab food at the time so we were both excited to go again. We all ended … More Denver Milk Market

My day – July 6

Gene and I went to Roxborough State Park this morning. Now that we have a state park pass I figured it was high time we went hiking there. We did a three mile hike because I wasn’t interested in doing anything longer and Gene was a sport and went along with me. The park is … More My day – July 6

My day – 6/14/18

My morning started with eating breakfast outside and then pulling weeds while Pippin wandered the yard. I loved it. I say this all the time but being outside really improves a person’s mood. There’s still more work to do with the yard but just having plants around makes it instantly look nicer. I’ve started letting … More My day – 6/14/18

Fancy school lunch

Today two of my networks (principals and assistant principals) got together for a day long meeting. We met at one of the schools, specifically a school that has a culinary program. This meant that students made and served us lunch and it was awesome. Not only did I not have to do anything (I normally … More Fancy school lunch

Food truck Wednesday!

Today my coworker and I walked down to the Capital to meet Gene and his coworkers for lunch. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the summer food trucks gather by the Capitol. So we met up and had lunch! I got some hamburger sliders from 5280 Burger and Gene got some pizza. It was extremely … More Food truck Wednesday!