Fancy school lunch

Today two of my networks (principals and assistant principals) got together for a day long meeting. We met at one of the schools, specifically a school that has a culinary program. This meant that students made and served us lunch and it was awesome. Not only did I not have to do anything (I normally … More Fancy school lunch

Food truck Wednesday!

Today my coworker and I walked down to the Capital to meet Gene and his coworkers for lunch. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the summer food trucks gather by the Capitol. So we met up and had lunch! I got some hamburger sliders from 5280 Burger and Gene got some pizza. It was extremely … More Food truck Wednesday!

Lunch with Gene

I had lunch with Gene today. The microwave at his work is broken so I figured we should have lunch together. We ate at Moe’s BBQ and it was good. We walked from Gene’s office to the restaurant and it made me think of spring, it was that lovely outside. We came across some cute … More Lunch with Gene

City Bakery Cafe

Yesterday I went to the doctor and the dentist for my annual and semi-annual exams. To celebrate that I seem to be in good shape I then had lunch with Gene. Yay. We ate at City Bakery Cafe, a cafe behind Gene’s building. Neither of us had been there before but Gene’s coworkers had and … More City Bakery Cafe