6-15-20 Friend time

Yesterday morning I met up with Brittany at Parker’s farmers’ market. My purpose was two-fold: get myself some bread and pickled dilly beans and hang out with Brittany. I emailed The Bread Box a month or so ago and asked about their vegan options and when they responded with the long list of delicious sounding … More 6-15-20 Friend time

4-16-20 Day 34

Tuesday evening, Elisabeth and I “hung out” with my family for an hour. We all did our own thing while visiting and just being around each other. It was, of course, very lovely. Kaitlin has picked up water color painting and from what I could see in the tiny screen of my laptop, she’s a … More 4-16-20 Day 34


Yesterday started with watching Jojo Rabbit with Elisabeth. Taika Waititi wrote the screenplay and directed the movie so I had to watch it as I quite enjoy this man’s work. This movie was no exception. The only thing I knew going into the movie was that this little boy had Adolf Hitler as his imaginary … More 1-19-20


Yesterday, Elisabeth and I went to the movies, this time to watch the new Charlie’s Angels movie. Another movie with multiple badass women. Heck yes. I’ve read that movies who have women as lead roles make more money than movies who have men as lead roles. And yet we still seem to have more movies … More 11-18-19