Yesterday started with watching Jojo Rabbit with Elisabeth. Taika Waititi wrote the screenplay and directed the movie so I had to watch it as I quite enjoy this man’s work. This movie was no exception. The only thing I knew going into the movie was that this little boy had Adolf Hitler as his imaginary … More 1-19-20


Yesterday was also a pretty decent day. It started with me going to Tokyo Premium Bakery to meet up with my friend Robyn. Elisabeth came too so she could grab some pastries, ’cause they’re delicious, and so she could visit the children’s book shop across the street. I hadn’t seen Robyn in more than a … More 12-16-19

My week

I feel like I had such a busy week but thinking back now I don’t even know what I did on certain days so I couldn’t have been that busy. Regardless if I was or wasn’t, it’s a good reminder for me to stop and just breathe every once in a while. On Wednesday I … More My week