Avengers Again

Because so much happened in the movie and because I am in love with the Marvel universe right now, I re-watched Avengers: End Game last night with a coworker. We went to the movie theater off of 16th Street. I had never been there before so I was intrigued and it gave me the excuse … More Avengers Again

Weekend awesomeness

This weekend was awesome. First, Sidney made homemade pain au chocolate (croissant with chocolate). I’ve avoided making my own pastries before because it’s notoriously difficult so I was extremely happy that Sidney took it on and the results were delicious (I think they are way better the second day). She knows she has more to … More Weekend awesomeness

My day – July 7

Because it was going to be so extremely hot today I watered my plants this morning to give them a bit of a buffer from the heat. While I was out in the front, our lovely giant bee friend stopped by to hang out with my flowers. I was able to get a fairly decent … More My day – July 7

Friday fun day

Friday was a fun and sad day. I said goodbye to a coworker that I really like as she’s moving on to a better paying job (can’t blame her). Thankfully I do have her number and email address so I plan on convincing her to hang out with me outside of work. Game night perhaps? … More Friday fun day

A day off

I got MLK day off yesterday so I spent it finishing up my cross stitch, doing all the chores, working on some creative tasks for myself, and watching Jumanji and Critical Role with Elisabeth. The new Jumanji movie was so much fun. I remember enjoying the original movie when I was a child, so I … More A day off