On Wednesday, I went over to Shari’s place to make dinner. She had found a vegan alfredo sauce recipe she wanted to try and you know I was game for it since the one “afredo” recipe Elisabeth and I had made was not worth making again (it was a hummus base and just came out … More 10-3-20


Last night ended up being quite joyful. I danced to my music while waiting for Elisabeth to pick me up to go to Felfel (she isn’t a fan of the heat so she didn’t want to walk over). And I made this gif of myself that I quite like. I think I’m really warming up … More 7-18-20


Yesterday, Elisabeth and I went to the movies, this time to watch the new Charlie’s Angels movie. Another movie with multiple badass women. Heck yes. I’ve read that movies who have women as lead roles make more money than movies who have men as lead roles. And yet we still seem to have more movies … More 11-18-19

A day off

I got MLK day off yesterday so I spent it finishing up my cross stitch, doing all the chores, working on some creative tasks for myself, and watching Jumanji and Critical Role with Elisabeth. The new Jumanji movie was so much fun. I remember enjoying the original movie when I was a child, so I … More A day off

Logan and Taco Bell

After picking up Gene from the airport yesterday, we went on a walk in the neighborhood and then hung around a bit until going to watch Logan, the new “X-men” movie. It was an interesting movie because of three factors: Charles Xavier as an old man: he was old before but now he’s even older. … More Logan and Taco Bell