Today has been a plant heavy day. Before breakfast I transplanted some of my house plants that needed larger homes and gave my new calathea (that I got from the Botanic Gardens) a hand me down pot of its own. The calathea is doing quite well and is opening up its leaves to show off … More 5-17-20

My day 6-9-19

Sidney and I went to Lowe’s today for a variety of reasons and I’m happy to say it was a successful trip. While I did not purchase lattice to use as a privacy screen, I did find some to think about and I got everything else on my list! I am so glad Sidney was … More My day 6-9-19

My day – July 8

Plants are one of my weaknesses – I can always create an excuse to purchase a new plant, there’s always room somewhere. Today I went to Nick’s Garden Center and got myself a few goodies – some plants to put in Pippin’s catio so he’ll have more fun in there and my first ever vegetable/herb … More My day – July 8