My platelets are still normal! It’s been a month since my last infusion and my platelets appear to be holding steady, I’m thrilled. I will have to continue getting my blood tested but the time in between tests will increase, so I go back in three weeks and six weeks and go from there. My … More 2-15-20


This morning, Elisabeth and I went to the Denver Art Museum to experience the Monet exhibit. I’ve seen Monet’s work before and have always enjoyed it and this was no exception. I got to see paintings of his I had never seen before (or at least not remembered) and I loved it. What I find … More 11-10-19


Tuesday I stayed after work to take part in Canvas & Croix – a painting class with La Croix to drink instead of wine. One of my teammates asked me to go with her and since I had wanted to go to the ones in the past, I said yes. What a great decision. The … More Painting

New colors

The house is getting painted! The painters should be finished tomorrow but I was so excited about it I had to take a picture this evening. I love it already, it looks better than our previous color. Look at that door, it’s gorgeous.