6-29-20 Party & balcony

Brittany’s birthday party = complete. With Elisabeth’s help, I created quite a lovely charcuterie picnic spread yesterday evening, complete with a build your own peanut butter pickle sandwich station. Did anyone else know that was a thing? It’s one of Brittany’s favorite (and weirdest) combinations, so I had to offer it at the party. Turns … More 6-29-20 Party & balcony

Past few days

Friday I worked in the front yard, setting up the drip irrigation system. I ran out of materials before I finished, I have like 14 more plants that need to be connected to water. These are the moments where I realize how many plants I have and that next time I do something like this … More Past few days

Mish Mash Party 2019

Yesterday I hosted a Mish Mash Party. (It’s a thing I made up.) Because we didn’t have Thanksgiving and we were all separated over Christmas and New Year’s, I decided the housemates and I needed to have a day of many celebrations, thus was created the Mish Mash Party. We started the morning with fruit … More Mish Mash Party 2019

Tengo 21 años

Maribel and I Twenty-one. I turned 21 before Kaitlin. Imagine that. It was awesome. For once in my entire life I was older than her! I do not know if that will ever happen again. It was cool. My friend Sarah, who is also a twin, was excited for the same reason. She understands. 🙂 … More Tengo 21 años