PAX 2016

PAX was a variety of emotions and experiences. We landed in Seattle Thursday night where Lydia picked us up, we met up with Elisabeth, and we ate delicious vegetarian food for dinner. Then Friday dawned and PAX began. The best parts of Friday were the three panels we went to: Scott Kurtz playing Table Titans … More PAX 2016

It’s PAX time

I leave for PAX today! Over 6 months of planning and talking and the moment is here. We’re about as ready as we can be. Lists have been made and checked, items have been purchased, Pippin has been handed off, and luggage has been mostly packed. We even made t-shirts for the occasion! My eventual … More It’s PAX time

PAX!!! /screams

I had the most amazing time ever at my first PAX. There was so much that went on that there’s no way I could talk about all of it in a short, non-boring-for-the-readers way so I will just go over the highlights. Wil Wheaton! Wil Wheaton walked in front of me! Ahhh. I mean, he … More PAX!!! /screams