What I like Wednesday: Goldsmith Vet and VRCC Animal Hospital

Pippin has been having stomach issues for the past two plus weeks which has resulted in me taking him to both my vet and to an animal hospital. It’s been extremely stressful, scary, and overwhelming. Last week and weekend was absolutely insane and emotionally draining, but Pippin is home now and that in itself is … More What I like Wednesday: Goldsmith Vet and VRCC Animal Hospital

7-17-20 Bats

The bats are still here! Last night I saw them again. Whatever the roof people were doing yesterday it wasn’t killing or trapping them, thankfully. This time around I grabbed my phone and attempted to record their evening flight. At first I was very nervous to get up close, and I jumped back after the … More 7-17-20 Bats

My day – July 6

Gene and I went to Roxborough State Park this morning. Now that we have a state park pass I figured it was high time we went hiking there. We did a three mile hike because I wasn’t interested in doing anything longer and Gene was a sport and went along with me. The park is … More My day – July 6

Tis Christmas Season

Look who’s being a naughty boy and trying to eat the Christmas tree… He was trying to climb it a day ago and now he’s just causing general havoc around it. I get it, it’s a giant thing that just popped up into the middle of our room out of nowhere. I’d be interested in … More Tis Christmas Season