Backyard and catio

This weekend Gene and I did some work in the backyard. We made progress with the strip of rocks along the back fence, it’s coming along nicely, it’s almost done. It makes the backyard look noticeably better, a little less dirt. We cleaned off the patio table and brought our bench from the porch to … More Backyard and catio

Pippin & my day

Pippin has gone in and out of the cat door to his catio all on his own now! So proud. He also was adorable yesterday evening when he sat in between my shoes. I think he was having a hard time without Gene, he was a bit antsy. He seems to be doing better today … More Pippin & my day

We have a catio!

While deciding what to do yesterday, we discussed the idea of setting up a catio, something I’ve been wanting to do for Pippin since we got the house (a cat door has been sitting in our closet for some time). Lydia was all for it so after many minutes of figuring out what we were … More We have a catio!