Phone case

I got myself a case for my new phone! Not only is my phone more protected (I’ve already dropped it multiple times), but the case is somewhat personalized art. Google set up this really cool way to purchase phone cases – they had artists create large pieces of art and then gave the customer the … More Phone case

Stars on my phone

Last weekend, while going through the items I have stored in the guest room (which will soon be Elisabeth’s room!) I found star stickers that Sidney had sent me long ago. I immediately thought, “These would look great on my phone” and then put them back without doing anything. Last night I started moving stuff … More Stars on my phone

Time to check in

What happened to me?! I was doing so well with writing and then STOP! I suddenly quit posting. Perhaps with work starting up again I was swept up with the motion of life. A few highlights of the past couple of weeks: New glasses: during my winter break I went to the eye doctor for … More Time to check in