My day 7-3-19

Today has been an extremely busy day for me. After breakfast I biked to the community garden to water and weed. The tomato and pepper plants are doing really well from what I can tell. They’re growing bigger and the leaves are looking good. My chives and cucumber have still not come up, can I … More My day 7-3-19

Snow days!

Yesterday and today I had snow days – no work. That is the plus of working at a school district, there is a chance, even if a small one, that I’ll get the day off and get paid without having to take vacation time. Yesterday I made butternut squash soup and two pies – berry … More Snow days!

Amazon Prime Now

What inevitably happens on Thanksgiving (or the day before), and which happened to me this morning, is that you realize you’ve forgotten something. Something you think is crucial to a great Thanksgiving meal. And then the adventures ensue… Gene and I had decided we’d make a homemade pie this year. The last, and only other, … More Amazon Prime Now

Berry Tart

The mixed berry tart was a success. With a shortbread-like crust, cream, and a variety of berries to top it off, it was light and only slightly sweet. It was also quite pretty. I am now in the process of ordering a different pie from The Long I Pie, another shop I wanted to try … More Berry Tart

Pi day

Because yesterday’s pi day was a special one that happens once every one hundred years, Gene and I tried to make it more special. We got up in the morning and went straight to Granny Scott’s Pie Shop. Gene had ordered three pies (mixed berry, lemon meringue, and peach) two days before so we wanted … More Pi day