My day 6-17-19

What a great day I had on Monday. I got my hair cut at a salon in the Stanley Marketplace, which meant that I stopped by Glazed and Confused donuts on the way out. I got their Samoan donut. Honestly, I don’t think they have the best donuts in Denver. They’re a little dry and … More My day 6-17-19

My day May 5th

Yesterday ended up being another busy, but great day. I took Sidney to Tokyo Premium Bakery because I had already gone with Elisabeth AND with Gene so it was Sidney time. They didn’t have the raspberry croissant I really wanted so a regular croissant had to do. It was a decent substitution. I tried their … More My day May 5th

Pizza and symphony

Yesterday afternoon the housemates and I met up at Giordano’s pizza for dinner. I had eaten there with my coworkers a few weeks ago and wanted everyone else to try their pizza. If we want to go again we’ll have to figure out if there is a way to call ahead because the pizza takes … More Pizza and symphony