Past few days

Friday I worked in the front yard, setting up the drip irrigation system. I ran out of materials before I finished, I have like 14 more plants that need to be connected to water. These are the moments where I realize how many plants I have and that next time I do something like this … More Past few days

Whirlwind weekend

  This past weekend was a whirlwind. I went to Mile High Comics Saturday morning with the housemates for Free Comic Book Day. Two hours later I came out with three free comics plus a few purchased ones. It’s always great to be around fellow nerds, it lifts my spirits, and this time was no … More Whirlwind weekend

Sweeney Todd, spring gifts, Jungle Book, and game night

On Saturday, Gene, Sidney, Kaitlin, Kevin, and I went to see Sweeney Todd in the Denver Performing Arts Complex (got discount tickets through work). It was a fun production and both Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett were great, their voices were spot on. The scenery was impressive and even included whistles that blew out steam.There were … More Sweeney Todd, spring gifts, Jungle Book, and game night

Detroit and London

Yesterday I went to see Detroit, a play that my friend Dana helps run. The play revolves around two couples, one of which just moved next door. They interact, struggle with their lives, and meddle with one another. It was actually quite dark and the longer I think on it, the more odd and twisted it … More Detroit and London

Day 99. Evermore

On Saturday I went to a local Denver play called Evermore. It is a play about Edgar Allen Poe’s life, focusing around his writing career and soon after his death. The play is performed in a house-turned-museum so that both the audience and the actors are in the living room, right next to each other. I … More Day 99. Evermore