Aurora Huddlers

Yesterday, the girls and I attended a Women’s March Huddlers meeting. For those that don’t know, the Women’s March movement is doing a “10 actions in 100 days” campaign and the second action was to attend a Huddle (a meeting). We had wanted to attend the first one, which was last month, but Elisabeth’s back had … More Aurora Huddlers

Women’s March

Today I went to the March on Colorado with Sidney and Gene. I went there to show my support for women’s equality and a better America. I had also hoped to get information about what organizations are out there promoting women’s rights and progressiveness but the amount of people there prevented me from even seeing … More Women’s March

Back in Bellevue

So last Thursday Gene, Sidney, Dan, Hiro, and I went swimming. It was way too crowded and during that time my foot got a cramp but overall I had a good time. I am home now in Bellevue. My parents surprised me with my very own pedometer! I am so very excited because I can connect … More Back in Bellevue

Politics should not be so confusing and muddled.

I have begun to read the newspaper. Not every article, granted, but the ones I find interesting or at least important. The only problem is that I don't always understand what the articles are talking about. Comprehensive Immigration Reform, for example. I have never heard of it before and yet today it pops up in an … More Politics should not be so confusing and muddled.