Still sick. I had such a coughing fit at work this morning I felt so embarrassed. But the people around me were very sweet and one coworker even gave me some tea to try. While I’m not a tea drinker, I actually gave this tea a try and ended up liking it: white tea coconut … More 10/22/19


Welp, bread dough is in the trash. It did not rise in the three hours I gave it (it was only supposed to take two) so it had to go or I risked an unpleasant tasting loaf. I felt frustrated, annoyed, and angry at first. I was nervous to make it in the first place … More 10/20/19


I had my first ever ultrasound this morning. There are pictures out in the world somewhere of my spleen and kidneys now. I kind of like the thought of that. I should learn about what they look like at my doctor’s appointment on Monday. I imagine they’ll be in top shape. The whole thing was … More 10/19/19

Glow at the Gardens

Yesterday, Sidney, Elisabeth, and I went to the Botanic Gardens at night to experience their Glow in the Gardens spectacular for the first time. Hundreds of pumpkins and lanterns lined the walkways, walls, and open spaces of the garden. There was a variety of large pumpkin sculptures, including an owl and a dragon that spurted … More Glow at the Gardens

Halloween activities

On Wednesday, the ladies and I carved jack o lanterns. I haven’t had much success as an adult carving pumpkins so I usually don’t do it but I was in the spirit this year and decided to give it a go. I chose what I thought would be a relatively simple design: the dragon, Toothless, … More Halloween activities