Friday dinner

Yesterday I had dinner with my comic meetup group. We went to Ace, Eat, Serve, the restaurant the housemates and I went to for Denver Restaurant Week. It was nice to be able to try their regular fare. I got their crispy beef and quite liked it. But the company was the real reason for … More Friday dinner

Weekend awesomeness

This weekend was awesome. First, Sidney made homemade pain au chocolate (croissant with chocolate). I’ve avoided making my own pastries before because it’s notoriously difficult so I was extremely happy that Sidney took it on and the results were delicious (I think they are way better the second day). She knows she has more to … More Weekend awesomeness

Colorado Symphony

On Friday, Elisabeth and I stayed out to watch the Colorado Symphony perform a compilation of geek pieces in honor of Denver Comic Con. Elisabeth got us free tickets through the library and it was awesome! (This was her second time winning free symphony tickets through the library, how does she do it?!) We started … More Colorado Symphony

Sushi Den

Elisabeth is turning 30 tomorrow (yay!) and so to celebrate slightly ahead of schedule, we went to Sushi Den on Sunday. Sushi Den is a high end sushi restaurant that Elisabeth fell in love with when her manager took her there a couple of times. This is the restaurant where fish is flown in from … More Sushi Den