My day 6-8-19

The s’more oreos have been tasted and judged. The reactions are in: Gene: They’re pretty good. Elisabeth: I like them better than regular oreos. Sidney: They smell really good. I liked the oreo but wouldn’t buy it again, mostly because I don’t like the white icing filling and this oreo still had that. Although the … More My day 6-8-19

Back home

I have successfully made the return trip back to my lovely house in Denver. Solo trip: complete! This morning I finished watching the movie, Julie and Julia, that one movie where the girl cooks every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook. I had pondered watching it ever since it came out and figured this was the … More Back home

St Louis Day 4

This morning I relaxed at the airbnb for a bit, finishing a movie I had started and cross stitching some, before heading to a cafe a block away. I want a cafe a block away from my house in Denver! I got myself a biscuit and milk and sat by the window to eat breakfast. … More St Louis Day 4

Day 3 St. Louis

This morning I did better at leaving at my tentatively planned time. Mostly because I wanted to go to City Museum and the website said there tended to be lines so I wanted to try to avoid those and get there when they opened. I hopped on the bus and made my way downtown. I’m … More Day 3 St. Louis