Yesterday was also a pretty decent day. It started with me going to Tokyo Premium Bakery to meet up with my friend Robyn. Elisabeth came too so she could grab some pastries, ’cause they’re delicious, and so she could visit the children’s book shop across the street. I hadn’t seen Robyn in more than a … More 12-16-19

My weekend

Yesterday started with Elisabeth and I going to an Iraqi bakery she had read about a few weeks ago – Shahrazad Bakery. She was interested in their flatbread but I was interested in their baklava. I quite love the dessert but find that it’s hard to find really good quality baklava. So imagine how thrilled … More My weekend

My day May 5th

Yesterday ended up being another busy, but great day. I took Sidney to Tokyo Premium Bakery because I had already gone with Elisabeth AND with Gene so it was Sidney time. They didn’t have the raspberry croissant I really wanted so a regular croissant had to do. It was a decent substitution. I tried their … More My day May 5th

Date Day with Gene

Yesterday Gene and I spent time together and I loved it. We got up in the morning and headed to Tokyo Premium Bakery. I had to bring him after last weekend’s joy. This time we got there early enough to snag a sausage roll, a pain au chocolate, and a raspberry croissant (on top of … More Date Day with Gene