Extra Life

This past weekend was Extra Life twitch stream weekend for me and the household. It was 24 hours straight of playing games in order to try to raise money for our local hospital’s children’s wing. From spreading the word before the stream to the end of it we raised a total of $665. Our goal … More Extra Life

Journey, a game

Yellow sand that sparkles with the huge sun, flying pieces of red fabric that come together to form giant sea creatures that fly in the sky, uncovered ruins of a forgotten civilization. This is the world of Journey, a game that I finished playing a few days ago. Play as a person dressed in a … More Journey, a game

Day 327. WildStar pictures

Yesterday I got to play WildStar with my friends. Now that the game has been released, it was time for us to make  new characters and start playing. Since I really like the game, I’ll probably be sharing screenshots fairly often. Here are some from last night:            

Day 325. WildStar!

Although this week may not have been ideal for me, at least one positive thing happened. WildStar is now up and running full time! Starting last Saturday, I am able to log in and play the game whenever I want. I’ve only been on a handful of times but it’s just nice to know I … More Day 325. WildStar!