What I like Wednesday – Colorado’s Warm Winter Days

Sometimes the aspects of Colorado that I like aren’t as tangible as eating a slice of pizza or visiting a museum. Sometimes, they are the small moments or the singular days that I experience throughout the year. Today, I’m referring to those warm days in February and March. The days that fall between 60 to … More What I like Wednesday – Colorado’s Warm Winter Days


What a gorgeous day yesterday was and today is turning out to be, I had to stop reading at lunch yesterday because I needed to appreciate the sun and the sky and the warmth. So I sat and stared at the most perfect robin’s blue sky without a cloud in it. And I closed my … More 10-26-19

Happy May

It’s May 1st – happy May Day everyone! How crazy is it that April has already come and gone and I don’t have much to show for it (I did finish reading two books at least – woot!). Now is the time for me to seize the days and truly live each day as the … More Happy May