My weekend

Yesterday was a whirlwind of fun. EG was waiting on the porch for me as I arrived and I could see her jumping up and down and shouting something. I didn’t quite understand what she was saying but I could see the enthusiasm on her face. It was the happiest, most excited greeting I have … More My weekend

My weekend

Yesterday I started my morning with kix cereal, orange juice, and the Hygge book Kaitlin let me borrow. I sat out on the balcony while the air was still cool and I flipped through the book, marking which challenges I wanted to try. I made my list and have added a page to this blog … More My weekend

My day 6-9-19

Sidney and I went to Lowe’s today for a variety of reasons and I’m happy to say it was a successful trip. While I did not purchase lattice to use as a privacy screen, I did find some to think about and I got everything else on my list! I am so glad Sidney was … More My day 6-9-19

Date Day with Gene

Yesterday Gene and I spent time together and I loved it. We got up in the morning and headed to Tokyo Premium Bakery. I had to bring him after last weekend’s joy. This time we got there early enough to snag a sausage roll, a pain au chocolate, and a raspberry croissant (on top of … More Date Day with Gene

End of the weekend

Elisabeth and I went to Stanley Marketplace this Sunday for our comic meetup. Elisabeth had suggested the location and I’m so glad she did because it was awesome going someplace closer to home. The meetup was fun, mostly because it was more intimate with only five people present and there was lots to discuss about … More End of the weekend

Pride & family

The housemates and I walked in the Denver Pride parade yesterday and it was awesome. We represented Denver Public Schools. Great energy from everyone, those walking and those watching. The weather held out the whole time too and was relatively cool even. The organizers of our group did an amazing job getting us t-shirts and … More Pride & family