New Wildstar character

Today I made a new character in Wildstar that I’m going to play with Gene. Meet Anastasia Kaskov and her brother Salinth Kaskov (Gene’s characters). Aren’t they cool?! Also, this is how Pippin waits for his dinner almost every night.He’s like a little human…well, almost.

Food and games

I made pancakes this morning for breakfast. Sidney had shared this link for a recipe of some delicious looking pancakes last night which meant I HAD to make some today. I made Bisquick ones because Gene wasn’t in love with the idea of thick pancakes. He thought it meant they would either end up burned … More Food and games

Level 50 in Wildstar

This evening, I reached level 50 in the massive multiplayer online game (mmo) that I play, Wildstar. It’s the highest level one can be. When I first started playing the game, I don’t think I honestly believed I could reach 50. I’m not that great at video games. They take me a really long time, … More Level 50 in Wildstar