Welp, it’s been two days since I planted everything and not surprisingly, I’m still loving all my green plant babies! I wake up and look over at the pothos on my bedside table and I smile. I’m so excited for the day when it starts to trail and I can have it climbing on the … More 5-19-20

4-28-20 Day 46

The Botanic Gardens had their annual plant sale today. Last year I took the day off work, went right when they opened, and strolled the gardens looking at all the plants while my hands froze. I brought a wagon I had borrowed and filled it with plants for the yard. That’s when I bought a … More 4-28-20 Day 46


On Thursday I went to Kaitlin’s for dinner where Emmie gifted me with a colorful necklace AND a butterfly picture. She tried to give me a picture of Jessie too but I convinced her that we could keep it at her house. What love this little one has. We took some selfies together of us … More 2-29-20


Yesterday Elisabeth and I went to Kaitlin’s for dinner and it was absolutely wonderful. My family fills me with such a feeling of love, it’s great. Emmie had to go to the doctor and so she brought back medical masks, one for herself, one for me, and one for Elisabeth. She asked us to put … More 2-21-20


My platelets are still normal! It’s been a month since my last infusion and my platelets appear to be holding steady, I’m thrilled. I will have to continue getting my blood tested but the time in between tests will increase, so I go back in three weeks and six weeks and go from there. My … More 2-15-20


On Monday, my team and I spent four hours together learning about each other and our work preferences. I came out of it feeling closer to everyone and feeling really optimistic about where our team is heading. The cool thing is, our team is made up of every color preference per this work preference model … More 2-5-20


Another fun filled week. Wednesday evening I went to game night at the library like I did last month. This time I invited some coworkers and two of them ended up coming, so that was awesome. Two other people also showed up that hadn’t previously so we had to split into two groups due to … More 12-14-19