Thanos and plants

Thanos’ infinity gauntlet surprised me Monday morning as my coworker walked around the corner wearing it. Even more surprising was when she set it down on my desk and bestowed it to me. I now have my very own infinity gauntlet. And not only that, but it’s a cup. Clever, huh? I perhaps now posses … More Thanos and plants

Whirlwind weekend

  This past weekend was a whirlwind. I went to Mile High Comics Saturday morning with the housemates for Free Comic Book Day. Two hours later I came out with three free comics plus a few purchased ones. It’s always great to be around fellow nerds, it lifts my spirits, and this time was no … More Whirlwind weekend

DINK & yard work!

This past weekend I went to DINK – Denver Independent Comics Expo – for the first time and had a blast. Two floors of a building were completely filled with comic book writers, comic book artists, and artists in general all selling their wares and chatting it up. While I’m not a big comic reader … More DINK & yard work!